Friday, October 30, 2009


I Samuel 22:1-5; II Samuel 22:1-5

David, anointed King is running from King Saul’s attempts to kill him and hides himself in the cave of Adullam. His brethren and all his father’s house hear of his plight and come to the cave to join up with David. All that were distressed, in debt, and discontented, congregated in the cave with David. Would you being in the situation that David was in, discouraged and fearful for his life, want a crowd of disgruntled, frustrated, irritated, restless, annoyed, and broke people in your cave? Four hundred men take up a great deal of space and given their circumstances could be quite discouraging to have around.
What did David do when he was faced with the realization that King Saul was trying to take his life? What would you have done? Can God take the most troublesome circumstances and turn them for our good? Were the years David spent battling hardship and disappointment all in vain or did God take these trials and turn them into tremendous times of growth and preparation for what God had in store for him?
What is it that will bring you to the point of disappointment and discouragement in your life? Will you turn away from God or will you let Him embrace you with His love and boundless mercy. If you can identify the source of discouragement and not give in to the negative aspects of your situation, you will be able take the necessary steps forward to emerge from disappointment and despair.
Satan wants us to focus on the negative, those areas of weakness in our lives such as: gossip, unforgiveness, anger, feelings of bitterness and lust. We can’t think clearly when we’re focused on the lies of Satan. His lies divide our minds and cause us to blame God and others. If we continue to live in this harmful condition and eventually pass it on to others, we will suffer immense negative effects. 
How do I get out of this? How do I emerge from disappointment? 
  • Realize that God is aware of your circumstances and nothing catches Him off guard.
  • Understand that disappointment is a part of life (James 1:2-4) Testing produces endurance.
  • Recognize that disappointments can be conquered and your response is important.
  • Be hopeful because hope is contagious. (I Corinthians 10:13) “peirasmos” Greek word which means: trial with beneficial purpose and effect.

Disappointment can be a breeding ground for bitterness and resentment This can be so damaging to your life if you are not diligent with your thoughts and devotion to God. You can overcome disappointment by confessing the truth of God’s Word and studying about His faithfulness, attributes, and personal promises to you. He will come to your aid, just as He did David’s.
*Extra reading Psalm 57 “Pleading for God’s Help” To the chief Musician, Al-tashchith, Michtam of Daivd, when he fled from Saul in the cave.

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