Saturday, November 28, 2009

Testing Comes from the Lord

Job 23:10; Jeremiah 17:10; Psalm 26:2; Psalm 17:3
When training a horse that has never been ridden, the trainer will purposely and for the horses’ good, bring that horse into the round pen to be trained and tested. A horse that is not broken is not useable. The tests the trainer puts the horse through are to bring that horse to the point of trusting that trainer and making him useable or fit for use.
When teaching the horse to accept ridding gear, the trainer will rub the bridle on the face and neck of the horse. He will put the leather reins on his ears and let the horse feel every part of the bridle. The trainer is encouraging the horse with soft words and gentle pats that he is safe and he won’t be hurt. Sometimes, the horse will rebel and the trainer must make the horse start running around the round pen again to get his attention. The horse needs to understand that when he does not obey there are consequences for his decisions which in this case, is running around and around in the pen. When the horse gets tired the trainer stops him with his body position with one purpose, to prompt that horse to yield and come to him.
As our Lord has us in the round pen of life, He allows us to keep running, to keep looking away from Him, until we tire of that kind of life. When we finally turn to Him and He calls, “Come here,” there is a great peace and security that comes into our hearts assuring us, everything is all right. The Lord’s encouraging Words are a great blessing and when we feel safe in His strength He move us on to the next test. All the testing, the trials and the trying of our faith are what is needed to bring us to the point of brokenness where God can use us for His glory and His honor.

The greatest aspect in training a horse is that that horse learns to trust his trainer.
The greatest aspect for a believer in his walk with Christ, is to learn to “Trust in the Lord with all...” All trials, all tests, all that He has prepared for him. Then and only then will he come forth as gold fit for the Master’s use.

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