Friday, May 8, 2015

An Exceptional Mother

An Exceptional Mother
Acts 12:1-12

Mary, the mother of John Mark, was known for being a distinguished Christian woman from the city of Jerusalem. There is no record of his father, but Mark is reported to be a cousin of Barnabas (Colossians 4:10). Mary’s house was known for being a popular place for Christians to gather and pray (Acts 12:12). After an angel freed the apostle Peter from Herod's prison, he went first to Mary’s house (Acts 12:6-12).

This is the only time the Bible mentions Mary, the mother of John Mark, but we can glean some inspiring insights from her life. She was a supporter of the early church and showed tremendous bravery in encouraging the work of God. Great persecution was sweeping through the church at this time and James, the brother of John, had already been martyred. Through all of this, Mary still welcomed the church into her home at great personal risk. Mary was a praying woman (mom) and raised a believing son who loved God’s work. Mark’s life reflects the faith-filled influence of his godly mother.

What does an “Exceptional women” look like in the church today? She supports the pastor and the leadership of the church, lifting them up in prayer. The exceptional woman encourages other women to stand strong for Christ and to share their faith even when others disagree. The exceptional woman is faithful in teaching and instructing her children in the things of God openly and at home. The exceptional women fights against the world’s philosophy that bombards the minds of her children. She strives to protect them from the uncertain days they live in. Children are being influenced to doubt the validity of God’s Word and to question the power Jesus has promised them in living out the abundant life. The exceptional woman is a mom that is mindful of her children’s needs and has a heart filled with unconditional love for each of them. 

Lord, my continual prayer is to strive to be an exceptional mother while reflecting the gospel of Christ.

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