Friday, June 5, 2015

Is Devotion to a False God, Addiction?

Is Devotion to a False God, Addiction?
Exodus 20:3 
Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.

Why is temptation so attractive and powerful? Does God shield us from circumstances that might provoke us to sin? Does God tempt us like Satan or does He test us? (James 1:12-14)  We are sinned against and we sin against an holy God. Every day we are confronted with temptations, difficulties and overwhelming battles. God does not tempt us as Satan tempts but He does allow testing in our life to prove our loyalty to Him.

The temptation to devote ourselves to anything other than loving the Lord Jesus Christ is known as IDOL WORSHIP! Addiction is idolatry, a life-dominating sin. The person who is addicted to drugs and alcohol especially, chooses to serve themselves (idolatry) and accomplish their own purposes. They seek false comfort in their idol and that idol delivers, almost immediately, what the addict is seeking after: an escape from the realities of life in a sinful world. 

Addicts use great mental thought and physical energy in the pursuit of their idols. The addict, enticed by their own lusts, embraces the lie that this false god is something they need and is somehow profitable to them. Their heart is deceived and their eyes are spiritually blinded. They close their heart to the truth while opening their minds to deception and delusion.

The addict is someone who chooses to ignore the truth about God and does not acknowledge He alone is worthy of worship. (Romans 1:25) Overindulgence of any kind can become a sinful behavior when it becomes more important to us than doing what we know God wants us to do. Sometimes Christians began their sinful behavior before they became a Christian, and then they continue to struggle with addictions afterwards. Becoming a Christian does not cancel the desire for or the consequences of addictions, but the Holy Spirit, our eternal resource, does help us deal with and become free from our addictions.

Lord, set my heart free from this overwhelming addiction that I may only desire You.