Friday, July 31, 2015

Here's My Heart

Here’s My Heart
Psalms 66:10-20 KJV
For thou, O God, hast proved us: thou hast tried us, as silver is tried... 

Is there a purpose in God taking you through painful or difficult circumstances? Yes! God uses difficult circumstances in your life to test and refine you.  The question we most frequently ask is, “Why?” Why has this happened to me or to my family? Is there any good that will come from this pain and suffering? How will I ever, give thanks, when I hurt so bad? These are hard questions that fill our minds when experiencing tremendous loss. 

There is humiliation in the rejection of those we love and the dull ache of loneliness after death or separation that contributes to the anxiety and emotional pain we suffer. Sometimes we are even called upon to help carry the burdens of others while we are hurting ourselves to the point of devastation. Yet, we know that when friends and loved ones hurt, we are to hurt along side them.

When we are going through difficult times in our lives, we are to praise God and trust Him in the midst of adversity. We are to ask Him to search our hearts and confess any sin against Him(Psalm 139:23,24). We can thank God for the trials He has used to test us with and praise Him for His promise to bring us through those trials to accomplish His will. 

You need to admit to God any sin that you have been holding on to and seek forgiveness. Ask Him to give you a submissive heart and pray that your heart will openly receive whatever God brings into your life. As you trust Him to strengthen you, seek peace in the midst of the storm. When all looks hopeless, remember, you are not to be anxious about anything but praying about everything. You are to be thankful, letting your requests be made known to Him.  Then, God’s peace, which exceeds all understanding, will protect your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

Lord Jesus, here’s my heart to do with as You please.

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