Friday, March 25, 2016


                                          Psalm 41:9
Yea, mine own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted up his heel against me.

Through history we have read and seen man betray man, brother betray brother and friend betray friend. One of the most heart stirring stories written is that of the betrayal of Jesus for thirty pieces of silver by a man named, Judas Iscariot.

Matthew 26:47-49, shows Judas coming for Jesus in the garden with a great multitude of men carrying swords and strong wooden sticks to arrest Him. The sign of betrayal, a kiss, was placed upon His cheek. The word kiss means: a touch with the lips as a sign of love or reverence. Was there love or reverence for our Lord at this time? Not so! David, son of Jesse, anointed by Samuel to be King of Israel, was betrayed by King Saul. David and King Saul’s son, Jonathan were friends and it could be written that they were “of one mind” and loved each another.  David was asked often to play the harp to soothe the heart of King Saul when his soul was troubled. David went to battle for King Saul and protected him from those that would take his life. David never lifted his hand against God’s anointed, yet was betrayed by him.

What do you do when those you call “friend” have lifted their heel against you? How do you act or react when this catastrophe occurs? Our Lord was troubled in spirit and soul with Judas’ betrayal in the garden (Matthew 26:24). He knew who would betray Him yet lifted not His hand against him. This gives us an example of how Christ would have us treat those who have betrayed us or will betray us. He did nothing. He willingly allowed Judas to betray Him knowing this is the Father’s will. In these painful situations, can you do nothing knowing this is the Father’s will for you?

Lord, I forgive those who have betrayed me as our Lord forgave while hanging on the cross.

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