Friday, April 8, 2016

God's in Control

                     God’s in Control
                                      Esther 5:1-8

The time has come for Esther to approach the king with uncertainty and the threat of death looming over her. The preparation and planning of this moment was of the utmost importance and Esther took every precaution to fulfill court protocol. Esther now stands before the king seated upon the throne. He peers through the columns of the royal palace and sees Esther in all of her beauty and fine apparel. What will be his response? Will he give acceptance to come forward or will he deny her the right to approach him? The scene is dramatic and gripping as the king extends his golden scepter to Esther. This indicated acceptance and that she may step forward to touch the tip of the scepter.

The king must have been surprised at Esther’s unannounced appearance and thought that her request had to be an urgent one to reveal herself before him unexpectedly. The king’s response to her is in the form a question, “What is thy request?” and then declares, “It shall be even given to thee to the half of the kingdom.” Esther summons the king and Haman to a banquet she has prepared for them on this day. Esther’s plan is to accuse Haman of plotting against her and her people in a conspiracy to destroy them yet, Haman is unaware of her intentions.

God was certainly in control of the entire situation and He used Esther’s bold faith, beauty and bravery to approach the king. She acted in great confidence in the most difficult challenge of her life. God gives us the same ability to face any trial with the same strength. She fasted and prayed––watched and waited and then with great courage, took a course of action only God could design. Are you willing to allow God to direct your path in life? He has all power, is all knowing, and sees everything––who best to fashion and establish your life to His honor and glory.

Lord, I trust in You to control and design the course of my life.

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