Friday, August 12, 2016

Slavery to Freedom to Bondservant

   Slavery to Freedom to Bondservant
                                 I Corinthians 7:22
For he that is called in the Lord, being a servant, is the Lord's freeman: likewise also he that is called, being free, is Christ's servant.

There have been many forms of slavery written about in our history books, including the enslavement of people recorded in Scripture. The Bible does not condemn slavery altogether seeing that the Bible gives instructions on how to treat a slave or bondservant (Colossians 4:1). During Bible times, slavery was sometimes pursued to aid and assist people struggling to stay alive. They would sell themselves to provide for their families or to get out of debt.

We suffered a great Civil War here in our country because of the unfavorable practice of slavery. This harmful action was directed towards the color of a person’s skin rather than their specific need for economic assistance. Men, women and children were taken from their homes unlawfully and forced to become slaves. They were treated as inferior human beings and abused physically and mentally. Freedom from this type of slavery was costly and many family members fought against each other during this difficult time. Roughly 2% of the population, an estimated 620,000 men, lost their lives in this devastating war.

The Word of God does tell us that we are born in sin and therefore, slaves to sin (Psalm 51:5; Romans 6:16-20). But, when we trust Christ by faith and believe in what He has done for us through His death, burial and resurrection, the Gospel, we are freed from the bondage of sin and its condemnation (Romans 8:1,2). When a person becomes a servant to Christ through regeneration, the Bible says they are then slaves, bound to serve but free to express their deep devotion to Christ. How can one not express such gratitude and overwhelming love for Him. Once slaves to sin, but now, a child of God, and heirs to Christ through Jesus Christ our Lord(Galatians 4:7).

Lord, thank You for the freedom to serve and to be Your servant.

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