Friday, October 14, 2016

In the Pit

                            In the Pit
                                       Psalm 40:1-3

Being in the pit is a place we have all been and even as God’s children will experience for some unknown period of time. Pits happen and they happen to everyone. There is no escaping the pit which approaches all of us. They come in all different shapes and sizes sometimes startling us with shocking news or at times, a rude awakening. I know, I am a survivor of multiple pits.

My pit began as a young girl being abused and feeling the guilt that never subsides. The pit of alcoholism dominating my home and then undergoing the imprisonment of a sibling. The heartache of young love mistreated, spousal assault and devastating divorce. Somehow the pits became more challenging with each difficult and perplexing situation, but still they came.

It didn’t matter whether I was a Christian or not. The pit was
incomprehensible and demanding my attention. Ministry has it’s own pits for sure but, trying to help others figure out their complex troubles while managing your own pit is exhausting. When the love of your life is diagnosed with cancer and you’re faced with death, the feeling of despair sweeps over you and engulfs your very soul. While suffering with terrible bouts of worry and anxiety, crippling fear continues to flood your mind.

Pits are deep, dark, confining, lonely, and down-right scary places with no known escape hatch. The Bible calls them trials, testings, tribulations and with them comes the feeling that there’s no way out. Psalm 121:1 says, “I will lift up mine eyes. . . My help cometh from the LORD . . .” The only way out of the pit is to look up, cry out and wait on God. You’re not alone in the pit. He promises He will never leave you or forsake you and gives you the confidence to know, He’s your helper in time of need (Hebrews 13:5b, 6). I have learned that I cannot only survive the pits, but I can thrive in the midst of them.

Lord, thank You for the invaluable lessons learned,  from the pit.

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