Friday, October 21, 2016

What Does It Mean to Blaspheme?

   What Does It Mean to Blaspheme?

Definition: According to Black's Law Dictionary, blasphemy is “the written or oral reproach of God, His name, attributes, or religion.”

To blaspheme was a serious offense or crime according to the law God gave to Moses. The Israelite people were to worship God, obey Him and revere His Holy name (Leviticus 24:10-16). The name of God was not just a convenient label for mankind to use, but a symbolic representation of His divine character.

Jesus spoke of a type of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit which was committed by the religious leaders of His day. The situation, the Pharisees were eyewitnesses to Jesus’ miracles, but they attributed the work of the Holy Spirit to the presence of a demon (Mark 3:22-30). This was deliberate, insulting and a scornful rejection of the Holy Spirit of God. Blasphemy of this sort was unforgivable (Matthew 12:22–32).

The Pharisees, living in a unique time of history, had the Law and the Prophets, and the Holy Spirit of God to stir their hearts. They experienced the Son of God Himself before them and they watched with their own eyes the miracles He performed. There had never been anything like this in the history of the world and never has been since that time where such divine light had been granted to men. Even though they knew the truth, they denied the validity of Christ and He declared their willful defiance to be unpardonable. This blasphemy against the Holy Spirit would be their final rejection and they would be guilty of an eternal sin never to be forgiven.

We can blaspheme the Holy Spirit today, but not in the same way. Jesus Christ is not on the earth but is in Heaven and seated at the right hand of God. No one can witness Jesus (in His flesh) performing miracles and attribute that power to Satan instead of the Holy Spirit. The unpardonable sin today is to live and die in unbelief.

Lord, forgive me for any reproach I have brought upon Your name.

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