Friday, December 2, 2016

In the Storms of Life, Will Your Anchor Hold?

 In the Storms of Life, Will Your Anchor Hold?
                                    Hebrews 6:17-20
 . . .Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and       steadfast . . .

What storms in life are you dealing with at this moment? Are you in the storm of  life-threatening health issues and nothing seems to be going the way you thought it would? Are you in the storm of a marriage relationship so rocky it could come to the point of shipwreck, divorce? Are you in the storm of overwhelming financial loss and there’s no visible hope that you will see relief  tomorrow? Has a child gone astray that you have loved and nurtured in the ways of the Lord and now they have left the faith they were rooted in? How do you find peace in these storms and know that Jesus will never let you go? How do you turn painful memories into blessings and build a solid foundation of faith and trust? How do you receive daily strength and encouragement turning every agonizing heartache into experiencing God’s secure protection? Have you asked yourself these questions and many more like them?

I want to encourage your heart with a powerful tool for surviving daily struggles and temptations in the difficulties of life. No case is too hard for God and no problem to difficult to overcome  when we hope in God and replace fear and doubt with peace (John 14:27). We must realize that a ship that is anchored will not be prevented from being hurled about or those on board from becoming sea sick. Though we may be tossed around, we are safe, for we have an anchor of the soul that is both secure and faithful. As we prepare for a ravaging storm by anchoring valuables to a solid foundation, we are to anchor our hearts in the firm foundation of the Word to help us withstand the testings and trials of life that are certain to come our way.

Lord, help us not to resent the storms of life that come or be fearful of their effects. 

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