Friday, March 10, 2017

His Steadfast Love Endures Forever

  His Steadfast Love Endures Forever
                                    Psalm 136:26
O give thanks unto the God of heaven: for his mercy (steadfast love) endureth for ever. 

The Bible’s account of the Exodus, as described by Moses is one of the most significant stories ever told. The book is written so that we may trust in God, acknowledge His power, see the extent of His strength and experience His extraordinary love. Through this testimony, God’s mercy and enduring affection is shown towards His children and will remain true throughout eternity.

The Israelites had been enslaved for about 400 years and had lost faith in the God of their fathers. They believed in God but doubted that He could or would deliver them from their horrible bondage. The Egyptians, like many other pagan cultures, worshiped a wide variety of nature-gods. Idolatry is anything that replaces the one, true and living God.

The 10 plagues sent upon Egypt in Chapters 7-12 of Exodus were written down to give Israel hope in their God. They would be a reminder to the generations that followed of the mighty works of YAHWEH, the Self-existent One. In the last plague, the firstborn male child and animal would be struck down in death. God commanded each family to take an unblemished male lamb and kill it. The blood of the lamb was to be put on the top and sides of their doorposts, and the lamb was to be roasted and eaten that same night. Any family that did not follow God’s instructions would suffer in the last plague.

In the tenth plague, God was teaching the Israelites a deep spiritual lesson that pointed to the coming Christ. Unlike the other plagues, the last plague would take an act of faith by them to follow God’s directions.  In the New Testament, Jesus would literally become the last Passover Lamb to die for our sins and deliver us from it’s bondage. The most spectacular picture of redeeming love ever shown is the substitutionary death of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Lord, thank You for Your unwavering love for us.

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