Friday, August 4, 2017

Parenting Teens?

                   Parenting Teens?
If you could change anything about some past parenting failures, what would it be? Would you have shown more compassion, or given more grace instead of coming down with the Law–––the hammer?

As a parent of teenagers your goal should not be to fix them but to try to understand them. Help them through natural life tendencies. Encourage them to adjust and amend certain practices or habits that are not healthy for them to continue in. Have you been surprised by the changes that have come about in your young person’s life physically, mentally, or spiritually? Change is inevitable for them and mom and dad must accept the changes as long as they are not sinful.

Parents need to work together in their parenting principles and decide together how and when they are to approach their child/teenager in grace. The teenage years are very crucial when building long lasting relationships as they mature into adults. It’s extremely important for parents to develop and demonstrate a sincere invitation for their teen to come to talk with them. Confess any negligence, if necessary, of the lack of availability towards them. They need to feel safe when they come to you knowing that they will experience loving grace, the same grace Christ has given to you?

Most of the time the problem with the child is faulty parenting. For instance, how would you discipline a 14 year old when they have ignored or gone against your instructions? Not by screaming at them or punching them out. At this age, it’s the restriction of freedom that works best. When you pull back their freedom, it gets their attention. Being a responsible teenager gives freedom and when they don’t act responsible their freedom is taken from them. The teenage years are a wonderful time of life and we need not be fearful of their growing up, their questions, or their ideas. Love, acceptance, patience and much prayer will draw your child to you that you may nurture them through those “geeky, scary” years we call, “the teenage years.”

Lord, give me wisdom to parent.

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