Friday, August 18, 2017

Parenting Young Adults

Parenting Young Adults
Do you have children that would be considered a young adult? It is important that you, as a parent, have created a bridge from your heart to the heart of your child long before they launch out on their own. They’re getting ready to start careers, find a mate for life and some are even questioning their beliefs about the existence of God at this point. 

The attitudes young people have towards their parents are extremely important; considering they will be leaving the security and influence of their home. When following their God given desires, the remarks or statements made by you, the parent, will either encourage or discourage them in going forward. If a child is discouraged in pursuing their life long goals and ambitions, it can sway them into making wrong or sinful decisions.

What is it that a young adult needs to hear from their parents? They need to know that you are on the sideline cheering them on and not the referee throwing up flags telling them what they are doing wrong. Changes do happen during this stage of life and letting go is far more difficult then a parent thinks or wants to agree to. God works in the life of every believer and has entrusted to them desires of the heart that He has given (Psalm 37:4). Parents need to inspire their child to seek wisdom from other godly people which will help to secure their decisions towards a good and right path.

The consequence of good parenting is that your children will move out of your home and be a responsible adult spiritually, mentally and socially. We want to encourage our children to continue in their faith and rally around them to find a good church home. Hopefully, you have done all that you could to help them grow and mature in Christ while they were in the home. Now, God willing, their hearts will always be turned back to you for loving support especially during the hard times.

Lord, may I always be an encourager.  

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