Friday, December 22, 2017

Is There a Dark Side to Christmas?

Is There a Dark Side to Christmas?
Matthew 1:18-25; Luke 2

Most people, when they think of this time of year, only think of the beauty of Christmas. They are surrounded by the lovely trees with bright lights, decorations, colorful ornaments, flickering candles, wreaths, snow scenes, warm fire places and a heart filled with joy. Some are dreaming of a “White Christmas” and others sing the songs that convey the feelings of joy and wonder. Christmas is the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” but we must look at Christmas and it’s true meaning: “. . . He shall save His people from their sin” (Matthew 1:21). The true splendor of Christmas is to understand the ugliness that it cures (I John 4:14; I Timothy 1:15). 

Remember the night Jesus was born, can you picture the stable, the smells, the sounds coming from the animals? Picture Joseph clearing a small place in the hay to lay poor Mary down to give birth to the Christ Child. What a humble site and yet, chosen by God as Jesus’ birth place. The sky explodes with amazement as the angels sing of His birth. Humble shepherds hear the angels’ voices proclaiming this marvelous prophecy. They must go and see this new born King the angels are declaring. Recall King Herod, a horrible man, who feared he would lose his power and control because of this new born King. He made a decree to massacre all the baby boys 2 years and younger in that region. Christmas does have some dark aspects that are not thought about during this time of the year but they are still there.

The Bible says Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners and is the true reason for His coming. Sin is the dark side of Christmas and brings us to the actual point of its real beauty. The magnificence and glory of Christmas is Christ’s willingness to come to earth and die on cross for our sins. This truth, the power of the Gospel is what makes Christmas so alluring.

Lord, thank You for Christmas.

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