Friday, November 23, 2018

A Powerful God!

A Powerful God!

Acts 12:1-12
During the reign of King Herod, and the days of Unleavened Bread, the king began to take some people prisoner who belonged to the church. He had James the brother of John killed by the sword and apprehended Peter putting him into prison. There were four quaternions of soldiers guarding him with two chains attached to two soldiers for the highest security with two guards at the door. Why so many soldiers for just one man? Herod must have been fearful of the God Peter served.

King Herod’s intentions were to bring Peter out of prison after the Passover to let the people observe his execution. But, during the night, while Peter was sleeping between two guards, an angel of the Lord came unto him. Suddenly, there was a light in the prison cell, and the angel struck Peter on the side waking him and saying to him, “Get up quickly!” Peter’s chains fell off, and the angel said to him, “Dress yourself and put your sandals on.” They passed two guards without notice and proceeded through to the iron gate which opened on its own accord. Amazing!

Peter went directly to Mary’s house, a distinguished Christian woman from the city of Jerusalem. Mary, the mother of John Mark was known for her great faith and courage during times of persecution. After Peter’s arrest, Mary held a prayer meeting in her home which must have been an enormous place to hold such a large assembly of people.

When Peter knocked at the door of the gateway to Mary’s home, a young servant girl named Rhoda came to the door. She recognized Peter’s voice and in her excitement, left Peter standing outside the gate. Rhoda ran back into the house to tell all the people that Peter was at the door. They said, “You’re out of your mind” as Peter continued to knock. Finally, they opened the door, discovering Peter was there. In shock and amazement, they realized that God had miraculously and providentially answered their prayers. What a powerful God!

Lord, thank You for prayer.

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