My Mom

by Dianna Moffitt Carroll
Who’s that holding me so very lovingly?
I’m so tiny, Oh, I see-
It’s my mom
Who’s that caring for me?
Just newborn I be, Oh, yes-
It’s my mom.
Who’s the one that’s up late with me?
For I’m not well, a fever you see.
Well wouldn’t you know, no need to ask-
It’s my mom.
Who plays patty-cake and sings to me;
Bandages my finger and kisses me?
Say, you’re getting better at guessing with me-
It’s my mom.
Who’s always there for me, my hurts to bare
When friends have abandoned me and no one seems to care?
She’s pretty popular, I’ve known her now awhile;
Always my companion, my friend, and my guide-
It’s my mom
Who’s there to cry with me when life makes me sad?
Who’s there to laugh and joke with me and even giggle a tad?
Oh, no one cries quite like she cries over the silliest little things;
And when she laughs, she really laughs.
She’s just plain wonderful to me.
It’s my mom.
Who’ll be there saying, “Good-bye,” when it’s time to leave my home?
As all the memories of my life will somehow quickly unfold.
And as I pause and reflect awhile, this one thought I’d like to leave-
There’s been no love like her love. You’re right-
It’s my mom
Thought:  If your mother is still living, love and thank her for all she has been to you through the years. If she has not always been there for you, to kissed your hurts or sing to you, love and honor her in spite of all her faults, for the Bible tells us to do so. Rely on the Lord to teach you to be, the most wonderful mother a child would need. If time has past you by, and regret has filled your heart, commit your children to the Lord, trust Him to fulfill their needs, and then rest in Him, His ways are best, indeed.

Happy Mother’s Day


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